uknight: The Pace Fund

Pace Academy families, for generations, have uknighted—bringing their passion and resources together and shaping the Pace our children experience every day.

Through uknight: The Pace Fund, Pace Academy’s highest priority annual giving opportunity, our Pace family makes a difference every single year—ensuring that the school continues to flourish and to provide an innovative and visionary educational environment to every single Pace student.

Pace Fund dollars provide comprehensive support, enriching the resources we have for our teachers and academics, arts and athletic programs, global leadership initiatives, financial aid and more. Pace alumni are invited to support The Pace Alumni Fund, a branch of The Pace Fund providing direct support to need-based financial aid.

Your support of uknight: The Pace Fund makes a difference! Every gift of every size makes an impact—we need your participation. Please contribute at whatever amount feels right for your family.

We give because Pace is helping us prepare our children to become successful people and make a positive impact on the world.
- Jennifer and quill healey II '86

Giving Levels: The Knights of the Round Table

The Knights of the Round Table gift society includes donors of $1,500 and above to uknight: The Pace Fund. Members are recognized in the Annual Report and invited to special receptions during the year. Recognition levels within the Knights of the Round Table include:

  • 20,000+
  • $10,000 – $19,000
  • $7,500-$9,999
  • $5,000 – $7,499
  • $2,500-4,999
  • $1,500-2,499
    • $250 and above (up to nine years post graduation)
    • $500 and above (10–15 years post graduation

    With uknight: The Pace Fund, uchoose!

    As a uknight: The Pace Fund donor, you may designate your gift to your area of passion. In other words, uchoose:

    Thank you to the uknight: The Pace Fund Volunteer Committee for contributing time and talent to this vital annual initiative.

    Ken Crumley

    Derek Hardesty

    Julie Goldstrom

    Stacy Crumley
    Kim McWhorter
    Kathleen Morris
    Natalie Shirley

    Jenny Beauchamp
    Hillary Shaw Hyman
    Ellen Laddin
    Charlie Thompson

    Eric Brune
    Shivani Mukkamala
    Mitch Nelson
    Sarah Rich


    Julie Johnson
    Grace Gavric
    Amanda Parrilli
    Tisha Tipnis

    Anand Dutta
    Kara Dutta
    Banu Asik Elizondo
    Julia Kaufman

    Alfred Kallingal
    Chris McDaid
    Natasha Swann

    Bill Monroe
    Wendy Siskin
    Ellie Weiss
    Josh Weiss

    Pete Davis
    Emily Washburn
    Alli Richardson
    Matt Richardson

    Valerie Ausband
    Sarah Gray
    Kimberley Ichter
    Lisa Lemke
    Tad Little

    Ripple Alkire
    Matt Gaudet
    Geeta Lochan
    Kimberly Nuckols
    Leslie Stebbins

    Derek Hardesty
    Ed Holmes
    Palmer Proctor
    Rodney Schiffer
    Heather White

    Michelle Boushka
    Bob Brennan '88
    Scott Butler '81
    Mike Hall
    Jimmy Trimble

    Forrest Caton
    Bob Caton
    Jimmy Cushman
    David Duncan
    Mindi Shelton
    Pete Shelton

    New Parent Committee

    Amy Brumfield (Co-Chair)
    Stephanie McDonald (Co-Chair)
    Buddy Blaha
    Barbarella Diaz
    Chris Gabriel
    Spyro Karetsos
    Tricia Kinney
    Justin Ryan '95
    Liz Ryan
    Leigh Segall
    Michael Segall

    Alumni Parent Committee
    Charley Brickley '88
    Trey Pope '86

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